16 — 18 August 2018
Hordern Pavilion

DENFAIR – The leading destination for contemporary design in Australia is proud to announce the launch of the first Sydney Edition of DENFAIR! A unique contemporary design experience in the heart of the East Coast. Over three days explore a multitude of contemporary furniture,

accessories, textiles, art and objects for residential and commercial interiors. An unparalleled, not to be missed opportunity to see a broad yet highly curated selection of innovative and original design products side-by-side,
under one roof!

Creative Installations

The Lounge

The Lounge at DENFAIR Sydney is a dedicated environment to relax in that offers flexible meeting scenarios. The design aims to explore the dissolving distinctions between sculpture and furniture.

This large-scale installation of oversized sculptural form, plays with the idea of the vertical and horizontal. Clusters of foam shapes stand at differing heights creating an undulating landscape that is open to interpretation by the user, while the soft ergonomic forms allow for various sitting, leaning and standing configurations.

The installation aims to create a new spatial condition. It challenges the idea of how you would define densities in a material and how someone might interact with it. The design language used is based on the idea of a singular form that transcends scale and function, and questions the idea of furniture as architecture which is at the core of this installation. The Joyce Foam material was perfect for this application as it allows for creating seamless and continuous soft forms.

This immersive foam installation was designed by Arthur Koutoulas with the material supplied by Joyce Foam.

The Bar

“An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.” ― Ernest Hemingway

While we always promote responsible consumption of alcohol, we also know that those in the architecture and design industry sometimes need to take some time out to enjoy a sneaky drink. What better place to do it than at DENFAIR; surrounded by your favourite design brands from Australia and around the world.

An oasis found in the centre of DENFAIR Sydney, accented by luxury materials such as honed quartz surfaces from Smartstone, white washed timber tables, paired with chairs by Schiavello and stools by P2Liv’in. Texture and form are complimented by flowing forms of colour and gentle nature, carefully considered by E-S-T plants to offer a fresh unwinding experience.

This space was created specifically to forget about work for half an hour and to remind you of one of the reasons you enjoy the design industry so much… its people. Catch up with colleagues, friends and other industry associates over a glass of wine.

The Bar, a necessity not just an addition.

The Library

Situated near the entry to DENFAIR Sydney and conveniently close to a supply of fresh coffee is The Library. The Library is a junction point where design is highlighted through printed media, a place to pause and reflect on your DENFAIR experience.

Proudly supported by DENFAIR associates, with furniture by Schiavello and Brado Contract by Contract Concepts the space also features accessories by Armadillo & Co. Serving as both a social space and knowledge hub, The Library offers you the chance to relax and leaf through your favourite design publication from our media partners.

Take a journey through this cultural intersection and browse a selection of your favourite Australian Interior Design publications, well know names such as Artichoke, Green Magazine, Design Anthology, Belle Magazine, Fete and The Local Project. Read thought provoking articles or leaf through inspiring photographed interiors, featuring some of your favourite local and international brands.

The library, a bridge between media and knowledge, inspiration and business.

Discover 100+
Design Brands

Discover over 3 500 sqm of pure design with over 100+ curated design brands and artists on display for 3 days, this August. DENFAIR, the only design event dedicated to tailoring authentic design to design professionals and design enthusiasts.

Sydney Exhibitor List

DENFAIR Sydney, a premium design experience encompassing contemporary furniture, art and objects from leading designer brands from Australia and abroad. Discover the full list of exhibitors and the brands they will be presenting!

DENFAIR Sydney Awards

Learn more about the first edition of the prestigious DENFAIR Sydney Design Awards, celebrating and acknowledging innovation and inspiration in contemporary design as well as recognising the creativity of local and international designers and brands.