Recent Articles

Momentary Monuments: Designing Experiences

Curious about DENFAIR’s fabulous foam fortress? Fresh from their IDEA nomination, we speak to collaborative partners Arthur Koutoulas and Joyce Foam Products about this year’s immersive Speaker Space.

Design, Waste and the Circular Economy

How can we shift our thinking towards a more connected, self-sustaining, environmentally responsible approach? Tamsin O’Neill of Green Magazine poses the question to Foolscap Studio, Sussex Taps and IN-TERIA.

Zaha Hadid Design: Shaping the Future

On their first Australian visit for DENFAIR 2019, directors Maha Kutay and Woody Yao speak to Design Anthology editor, Suzy Annetta. The pair share their thoughts on a new era for ZHD: a future-focused studio building on its legacy.

Past Articles

Clipsal Switches it Up

What happens when a historic Aussie brand meets with French innovation? Find out how Xavier Lifran, Director of Schneider Electric’s Pacific Design Lab, is merging design cultures to create a “radical” new identity for Clipsal.

New-Gen Design for the Modern Workforce

Whether an app, a tech innovation, or an element of your built environment - what enables you to work smarter? DENFAIR’s Sandra Tan unpacks today’s mobile professional toolkit.

Tait: Made In Australia

We talk local manufacture and no-frills design with Susan Tait, as the popular outdoor furniture house prepares to launch a fresh new collection at DENFAIR 2019.

Green Magazine returns as DENFAIR Media Partner

Tamsin O’Neill, founder and editor of Green Magazine, speaks on the publication’s fruitful relationship with DENFAIR, and the common values they share.

Digging Deeper into Design

With a background in archaeology that has taken him to iconic historical sites in Syria, Brian Tunks has a most fascinating story. Find out more about the founder and creative director of Bison Home as he speaks with DENFAIR editor, Sandra Tan.

New Workspace Precinct

Introducing a new workplace sector in 2019, the exhibition brings greater depth to its core collection of high-end design.