Speaker Series 2018

The Speaker Space is home to a series of creative conversations, where the issues, challenges and opportunities of our design industry are discussed, debated and discovered anew. The themes this year place design, architecture and art in the wider realm of life, asking how our products, projects and creative passions play out not just within our fields, but also beyond. A diverse line-up of local and international, emerging and established speakers give voice to the multitudes of stories and experiences that shape us as a community.

Join our conversations in the Speaker Space — free to attend over the duration of the event.

Curated by

Nicky Lobo

Former Editor of Habitus magazine, Nicky Lobo is a writer, editor and curator with more than a decade of experience in the design community. She brings a passion for creativity, mindfulness and the environment to every project and collaboration, and revels in the opportunities that the intersection of these interests offer. Through taking part in creative conversations with a sense of openness, engagement and deep listening, Nicky believes we have an innate capacity to learn, grow and transform ourselves and the world around us.

Day One | Thursday — 14th June


The Journey of Studio Truly Truly (Q&A)


Based in the Netherlands and working creatively and commercially with luminaries such as Hella Jongerius, and brands such IKEA and Rakumba, Studio Truly Truly are living the designer’s dream. Join us for a Q&A to hear about their journey so far.


Joel and Kate Booy
– Studio Truly Truly


Talking Taboos in Design


Gender roles are suggested and perpetuated through the objects and spaces we design, therefore we also have the power to creatively shape more positive, balanced experiences. Our panel will discuss this, along with the role — if any — that politics has in design.


Charles Wilson

Fiona Lyda

Dr. Gill Matthewson

Nick Karlovasitis


Designing Spiritual Experiences


How do we worship and reflect in contemporary society and how can design facilitate this in relevant, revolutionary and respectful ways? We explore the elements of a spirituality in art and architecture, and the responsibilities and challenges involved in creating these kinds of spaces.


Barry Tate

Hakan Elevli

Rob Mills

Day Two | Friday — 15th June


Designing and Communicating Ethically


Design can harm and design can heal. What guides our moral compass when working in the design community, particularly in commercial and public spaces, and when communicating with clients and the public? Find out what our panel thinks.


Peter Maddison

Roderick Wiles

Sarah Zerella

Taku Kumazawa


Tapping into The Art and Science of Design


Developing a sixth sense gives designers, curators and brands the edge in business. Our panel explores how we can develop intuitive skills to complement traditional systems of knowledge.


Dr Donna Wheatley

Lou Weiss

Stefan Gevers

Suzy Annetta


A Meditation on The Natural World


David builds on the writing of well-known thinkers on the origin of beauty and its role in the creative process in this reflective and poetic presentation. He follows Western culture from cave art, through to the rational and romantic cycles of the past 2,500 years, including different paradigms from Polynesian and Australian Aboriginal cultures.


David Trubridge

Day Three | Saturday — 16th June


Exploring The Nature of Design Collaborations


The dynamics of the design ecosystem are complex, with clients, creatives, consultants, manufacturers and retailers playing crucial and intersecting roles. Join a panel discussion that explores how the various moving parts work together — and what happens when they don’t.


Dhiren Das

Lodovico Bernardi

Meryl Hare


Breaking The Golden Rules of Design


While safety and function are imperatives in interior design and architecture, there is always room to explore, push and even break the boundaries of artistic expression. What, then, is good and bad design, and what is the role of design trends in our personal spaces? Our panel sheds some designer light on the matter.


David Hicks

Jon Goulder

Michael Alvisse

Sibella Court