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Kitchen Stool

The Everyday

Brad Turner

The first design of the collection. Cliff is understated, and simple at first glance, yet the gentle radius on the underside of the seat exposes the strength in Cliff. A 16mm steel foot ring adds contrast to the timber grain, and the angled legs anchor the stool aesthetically.


Dining Chair

Design House Stockholm

Lisa Hilland

Designer Lisa Hilland dreamt of creating furniture that combined both of her interests – fashion and design – in a self-evident manner. After a great deal of thought she came up with the Torso chair designed for Design House Stockholm.

Market Fringe

Woven Floor Mat


Sandy Chilewich

These richly woven floor mat textiles are hand crafted in collaboration with a small weaving mill in LA and then finished in Chilewich’s own factory in Georgia. Chilewich created new yarns from scratch by twisting multiple strands of tonal colors together. They developed weaves and tufted textures that deliver complex shades that are dimensional and never one note.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.