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Porcelain Bear Gregory Bonasera & Anthony Raymond Metro Coffee Table


Gregory Bonasera & Anthony Raymond

Paying tribute to the bustling beauty of Paris, the Metro series takes its cue from the gritty and robust aesthetic of the tiled underground rail system of La Ville-Lumière, The City of Lights. The Metro coffee is available in two standard configurations; twin or single stem and offers endless possibilities for customisation. Its robust construction and aesthetic is as solid and resolved, as beautiful and functional as the city and underground system it pays homage to.

Porcelain Bear Gregory Bonasera & Anthony Raymond Metro Side Table


Gregory Bonasera & Anthony Raymond

Like its sibling, the Metro Coffee, Metro Side offers standard configurations with room for customisation. Based on the aesthetic of the beautiful Paris Metro system, this series is classically proportioned, robust in construction, solid, simple and functional.


Porcelain Bear Gregory Bonasera & Anthony Raymond Cloche Pendant

Medium Pendant

Gregory Bonasera & Anthony Raymond

The classic and original Cloche pendant has been a staple in the Porcelain Bear range from the early days. The Cloche was designed in 2013 by Porcelain Bear for Fiona Lynch Office’s interior of Prix Fixe Dining restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD. The Cloche offers simple, pared back lines, elegant geometry and is as appropriate for a contemporary interior as it is for renovated older architectural styles. The Cloche plays its part in any space with dignity, integrity and simple style.


Porcelain Bear Gregory Bonasera & Anthony Raymond Enigma Room Divider

Enigma Room Divider

Gregory Bonasera & Anthony Raymond

The Enigma Chain Screen plays a delightful trick on the mind as it appears and functions as a weighty, robust screen or room divider made from individual links which feel like heavy iron but are actually solid porcelain. Enigma capitalises on the inherent hardness and strength of porcelain, particularly at this thickness, and exploits its ethereal beauty. Available in raw, honed and fully vitrified ivory porcelain, Enigma is fully customisable and is availability by the lineal metre.


Porcelain Bear Gregory Bonasera & Anthony Raymond ION O wall Light

O wall Light

Gregory Bonasera & Anthony Raymond

Geometric and distinctive, the I-O-N O is available as a pendant and as a wall sconce. Originally, the I-O-N series was a simple play on geometric forms, there are three form variations in its immediate family. The sculptural form of this variation takes the viewers’ attention away from the nitty gritty of the electrical wire and its necessary componentry, lamp holder and bulb, and offers a classically proportioned, graphically sculptural lighting option which offers a subtle, warm and delicate light.

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