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Presenting at Denfair 2018

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Verde Profilo - MOSSwall NEMUS by Stefano La Procina


Stefano La Procina

With Stefano’s knowledge of plants and keen eye for design he found a natural beauty in a lichen and started to consider ways of applying the two into a meaningful system that could be incorporated within either domestic or commercial space.

In 2009 VERDE PROFILO® discovered a way of preserving the natural lichen using a 100% ecological application which would allow the lichen to be placed onto a base allowing it to be fixed to walls and it was this invention that led to the patent of MOSSwall®.


Verde Profilo - MOSSwall ACOUSTIC by Stefano La Procina


Stefano La Procina

Verde Profilo® in collaboration with Fonology, company specialized in acoustic for environments, has studied and realized an innovative acoustic panel with green soul. A certificated system for sound absorption, which reaches a α0,70 absorption index on the frequency of the spoken, made from the special substructure of Verde Profilo®, polyester fiber, perforated steel panel and MOSSwall®. MOSSwall® Acoustic the natural choice to soundproof your rooms.


Verde Profilo - MOSSwall ROUND by Stefano La Procina


Stefano La Procina

MOSSwall® ROUND redraws the vertical green and enriches the MOSSwall® walls in both original and flexible manner.

The organic shape of the undergrowth, where MOSSwall® is born and grows, is reproduced in semisphere of different diameters: 40,30,25 and 20 cm.

Furthermore, the 40 cm semi sphere is also available with LED back light. MOSSwall® ROUND is available in 22 natural colors.

MOSSwall® ROUND can be installed directly into a wall or on MOSSwall® panels in a simple and fast way with magnets, providing a completely unique 3D effect.


Verde Profilo - FlexiMoss by Stefano La Procina


Stefano La Procina

FlexiMoss is a wonderful addition to the MOSSwall® range of product. As the name suggests this type of moss provides for full flexibility allowing our clients to apply the uniquely preserved moss in any manner of applications. Spirals, curves, circles, whatever the design FlexiMoss brings all of the benefits of MOSSwall® without restriction.

FlexiMoss, like MOSSwall® panels come in 60 x 40cm sections. The only real difference is the backing for the moss. This not only allows for the unique design element but also for simple adaptation and installation. FlexiMoss can be cut to size and either glued or stapled into place. Apart from the backing, FlexiMoss carries all of the same benefits of MOSSwall®, including Fire & Acoustic Certification, zero maintenance and opens up a world of design possibility.


Verde Profilo - MOSSwall FUSION by Stefano La Procina


Stefano La Procina

We observed the biodiversity of the undergrowth where lichen is born and used it to make the product MOSSwall®. After careful studies, we selected the best plant species, mixing them with lichen MOSSwall® creating MOSSwall® FUSION. This new vision, lush and wild, is the ideal solution to bring the typical undergrowth forest inside and in contact with humans. MOSSwall® FUSION is available in Wasaby95 and Natural96 colors.

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