Pen is a Melbourne-based design studio that creates authentic, innovative and architecturally inspired products through a unique collaborative process. Working with Australia’s most passionate designers, and architects, Pen evolves brilliant ideas and takes them from concept to the global market. Made By Pen’s current staple of designers include Nick Rennie (Sway and Alas), Helen Kontouris (Field), Jim Hannon-Tan (Linea), Stefan Bagnoli (Wingnut), and Michael Ong (The Dog Room). The Pen team have a true passion for creating timeless pieces for the most inspiring built environments. These objects are designed to make the places we work, live and play, more functional, beautiful and evolved. We are Made by Pen.

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Made by Pen | Nick Rennie

Sway by Nick Rennie and Made by Pen is a totally new concept in floor lamp design. The playful light is not tethered to any power cable or outlet. It is completely free to move about and for the user to interact with it anywhere, indoor or outdoor.

The cordless and re-chargeable features has created a lamp that is versatile as well as decorative and one which naturally integrates into the space for which its designed. The lamp is turned on or off by a soft-touch simple tap, and offers 5-colour variations of white light making it applicable to any space. In addition the lamp playfully teeters on its globular base when knocked or moved adding a dimensional charm. The movement reimagining how users traditionally interact with lighting devices.

The mobility and share-ability of the product design is a deliberate Made by Pen design strategy, to add value and flexibility to products, increasing product appeal and utility for modern homeowners and interior decorators.



Made by Pen | Jim Hannon-Tan

Is it functional art? Tabletop architecture? An elegant answer to organisation? Yes.

Linea by Jim Hannon-Tan is a multi-purpose tabletop organiser inspired by Oscar Niemeyer’s National Congress building and its sleek, modern lines. The interchangeable components and simple design create a flexible, functional answer to keeping clutter organised and transforming the tabletop organiser into a welcome and attractive addition to any space.

The structured small-footprint organiser design allows for custom configurations in length, height, and layout. The Linea range uses playful silicone purposefully selected for its durability allowing it to withstand rigours of daily use, but providing a colour pop, offering a new, contemporary take for work place and hospitality environments.

Available in cherry red, teal, coral, white, black, harbour mist grey, shark-fin grey, or brass n marble with a silver or black tray.



Made by Pen | Nick Rennie

Alas, in collaboration with designer Nick Rennie, is Made by Pen’s take on small storage practicality. A finessed clean-lined wall hook.

In true Nick Rennie style the wall hook is more wall art than simply functional hardware. Its clever form allows hanging of clothing or other belongings on either arc, and its vertical presentation can be interchanged, either the small or large arc of the design can be positioned toward the top. Additionally, the Alas plays with light, utilising a translucent composition that throws off reflections and provides the visual interest of shadowing on the wall.

The original design inspiration for Alas was modelled off patterns made by the child-like game of ‘snow angels’, the action of waving your arms up and down in the snow or sand, creating an angel-like arc. The production colours echo the bright but subtle colours of Australian coastal landscape.

Serving Tray


Made by Pen | Helen Kontouris

Field by Helen Kontouris and Made by Pen is a tiered serving tray with rotating timber plains. This hand finished centre piece beauty design inspiration is borne from the 10,000-year old history of agriculture carved into cultivated landscapes. From an aerial view, the natural timber grains represent the stratum forms of landscape terrains. The rotating ‘lazy susan’ timber tiers, elicit an emotional response from the user, inviting a tradition of food sharing and bringing people together.

Field is available in Oak and Walnut timbers and in 3-tier and 2-tier variations.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.