Halcyon Lake

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Presenting at DENFAIR 2018

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Valentina Hoyos

Halcyon Lake - Trenza rugs by Valentina Hoyos


Valentina Hoyos

Producing knitted sisal rugs and home accessories in Colombia, Valentina Hoyos has made a conscious decision to only work with natural fibres that reflect an enduring environmental awareness. Her company was established in 1998 with the will to develop and produce handmade organic textiles. She works with different groups of weavers, currently providing work to nearly 250 Colombian women.

“I work mostly with sisal, cotton, wools and certified bamboo. I strongly believe that rare natural plants must be protected so I use dye ingredients such as beet, onions or wood shavings.”
Cultivating and processing sisal fibre has been a long-lasting Colombian tradition. Typically used to make burlap coffee bags, ropes or peasant shoes, sisal has been enjoying a renaissance as home decoration and art projects material. “ The softness of crocheted or knitted sisal was a nice surprise. I did lots of research to achieve this texture. I recently delivered a rug that took two months to knit”.

“I was born and raised in an area where sisal farming and Guada plantations were embedded within our lifestyle. They both mean a lot to me.”


Halcyon Lake - Ames - Nudo wool rug by Sebastian Herkner



Sebastian Herkner

NUDO is hand-woven with pure new wool according to traditional Colombian crafts, and produced in Cajicá, a town north of Bogotá at over 2500m above sea-level. Cajicá is known for its wool processing techniques. There, artisans use vertical looms and complex, time-consuming manual techniques to craft these rugs.

Designed by Sebastian Herkner, NUDO is a line of deep-pile rugs inspired by tribal masks on display in the Bogotá’s Gold Museum. With a colour-blocking design reminiscent of 1970s aesthetics, NUDO is available in 6 colourways in small and large sizes.


Halcyon Lake - Beau rugs by JOV


Halcyon Lake

Custom-made in Belgium and France, our hand-tufted rugs are created using only the finest materials, including pure New Zealand wool, the softest mohair,Chinese silks, linen and cotton. Available in any colour, design, material composition and pile height, the possibilities for this collection are yours to imagine and create. As hand-tufting is significantly more time-efficient than traditional hand-knotting, it’s an attractive option for a fully customised rug with a short lead time.

Reuber Henning

Halcyon Lake - Shibori Wave by Reuber Henning

Shibori Wave

Reuber Henning

Founded in Germany in 2007, Reuber Henning exemplifies hand-made design, in both form and philosophy. They know that a beautiful rug forms the heart of a room, and creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere essential to every home. Committed to understated artisanship – their rugs are made in Nepal by ancient techniques – Reuber Henning balances this approach with designs that are classic contemporary, capturing the spirit of the times. In fair working conditions local craftspeople use high-quality Chinese silk and Tibetan highland wool, working completely by hand at every stage of the process to ensure longevity of their product.

Mariantonia Urru

Halcyon Lake - Mariantonia Urru - Fessura Rug by Paulina Herrera


Paulina Herrera

Mariantonia Urru established her workroom in Sardinia, Italy, in 1981, driven to produce textiles using long-established techniques – and to revive some that were nearly forgotten. With an enduring dedication to exploring different methods of construction, Mariantonia’s expertise in weaving and manufacturing leads to designs that reflect local heritage in a contemporary style. The results of Mariantonia’s mission are seen in our selection of her rugs and cushions, comprising a modern colour palette and reinvigorated traditional motifs.

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