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Easygreen Reindeer moss is hand-picked on a Scandinavian farm. Then it is imported to Australia, where we create everything – This moss has a lot of benefits for commercial use, and we can apply it for different purposes such as green walls, green signs, decorations, or whatever you want.

Natural & Authentic
Only 100% natural and authentic Reindeer Moss (Cladonia stellaris)

High-Class Sound Absorber
Absorbs up to twice as much sound as the industry average for products of same size and thickness.

Environmentally Friendly
Our Reindeer Moss is hand-picked with care for nature and certified & approved by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Easygreen Reindeer Moss is certified by ISO 11925-2 for interior use.

Air purifying
Our moss can remove the air particles through a constant cycle of absorption of the ambient moisture

Humidity indicator
Our moss dries when the humidity is under 40% and returns softly above 40% humidity

Easygreen products do not contain toxic, chemicals or components.

Maintenance free
Reindeer moss does not require any sunlight, watering or pruning

Preserved tree

Preserved tree


Easygreen creates custom trees from bonsais to 5m tall gumtree – You choose the trunk, and foliage then our team creates the perfect custom tree which will fit perfectly into your space
With 10 years’ experience we offer you a long lasting and maintenance free tree or bonsai.

Preserved Vertical Garden

Preserved Vertical Garden by Easygreen

Preserved Vertical Garden


Easygreen interior realizes unique and stunning vertical garden

As we have the largest range of plants and flowers in Australia (+50), we can create with your wishes the most beautiful preserved vertical garden to suit perfectly with your office, retail shop, residential…

You can choose flat moss base, pole moss base or both
With our broad range of foliage and flowers, we can create any design, shape to realize your project.
Our experienced team also does its best to make our customers happy.

Easygreen is proud of the quality of its products, that’s why we offer a four years warranty on the moss and 1-year warranty on the foliage – We can propose a maintenance contract for public space like a shopping center, airport…

We create living works of art in your interior spaces. Freshening up your home or working environment, our indoor greenery softens your environment and promotes your well-being.

After assessing your space and requirements, we create the perfect green wall for you or your business. We tailor our designs for wall structures, shaped features or desk separators.

Natural & Authentic
Our moss and foliage are 100% natural and preserved with natural products

Environmentally Friendly
Moss and foliage are picked up in farms from around the world. Preserved plants make you save thousands of litres of water

Easygreen products do not contain toxic chemicals or components.

Our moss and foliage do not need any maintenance, pruning, watering or light and last for years

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