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DEDON Sebastian Herkner MBRACE Armchair

MBRACE Armchair

Sebastian Herkner

MBRACE by Sebastian Herkner takes a joyfully unconventional approach to poolside furniture, bringing DEDON Fibre seating and a solid teak base together for the very first time. The result is an eye-catching, instantly likable collection for lounging, dining and more. MBRACE captures the spirit of barefoot luxury while extending the DEDON design language into new, more Nordic territory.

Herkner’s starting point for this award-winning collection was the material mix of multi-coloured fibre and rich, warm teak. “I wanted to use the traditional technique of the weaving,” he explains, “to create a strong design that was like a gesture — the gesture of embracing someone.” In addition, Herkner was interested in creating outdoor furniture that would be comfortable even off-season, without the cushions.


DEDON Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby TIBBO Lounge

TIBBO Lounge

Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

Renowned British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby created TIBBO for an era in which indoor and outdoor living spaces are merging. DEDON’s first collection in teak, TIBBO combines meticulous craftsmanship, superior comfort and remarkable lightness in a design that’s distinctive, elegant and pure. Comprising both dining and lounge elements in a mix of teak, textiles and woven fibre, TIBBO conveys an exceptionally rich and luxurious look and feel.

Barber and Osgerby took their initial inspiration for TIBBO from the wood itself. “The beauty of turned wooden has a tactile quality like no other material,” they remark. “Because of the oily nature of teak, the wood feels especially soft, and so we decided to create furniture that would accentuate these properties.” While most outdoor teak furniture looks, in their words, “very rectangular and uncomfortable,” every element of TIBBO was designed to be “as soft and tactile as possible.”

TIBBO is defined by a certain architectural rigor in both its construction and its proportions (the largest dining table, 3.5 meters long, stands on just four legs). But the rationality of the design is balanced by the warmth of the wood, the comfort of the cushions, the natural look of the specially-developed fibre, and the sail-like three-dimensional curve of the formed seat backs.


DEDON Lorenza Bozzoli BRIXX Module


Lorenza Bozzoli

DEDON’s first fully upholstered collection, BRIXX by Lorenza Bozzoli offers amazing versatility and 360° functionality. Simple yet sophisticated, natural yet refined, this flexible system of rectangular modules fully lives up to the playfulness of its name, allows you to construct islands of luxurious comfort outdoors or in.

BRIXX offers 360° functionality and maximum versatility: There’s not limit to the configurations you can create.

An accomplished fashion designer before she turned to furniture, Lorenza Bozzoli drew inspiration from her textiles background, working closely with master Italian upholsterers to create modules of exceptional comfort and quality. “The expertise of these master craftsman combined with my own fashion experience has resulted in a new standard of upholstered outdoor furniture.” she says.

Among BRIXX’s defining characteristics is a diagonal groove that runs across the fabric of each module, introducing triangles to the rectilinear design. The groove is created by sewing two pieces of fabric to a third one underneath, leaving a small gap in between. As users combine modules, backrests and cushions, they construct abstract geometrical landscapes all their own. Modules with and without fixed backrests work perfectly together.

BRIXX comes upholstered in its own outdoor-ready fabric, soft and inviting Dune. The fabric’s chunky yarns are spun with 50-percent recycled post-industrial fibres in an array of colours.


DEDON Stephen Burke THE OTHERS Lantern


Stephen Burke

Meet THE OTHERS, an anthropomorphic lantern collection that ventures into decorative art. Playful, colourful, sculptural and sophisticated, THE OTHERS consists of a variety of hand-woven lanterns that, presented individually or arranged in totem-like stacks, take on the appearance of illuminated characters. Pairs of hand-made acrylic eyes, available as accessories, gaze back at the viewer with humour, curiosity and even a little mischief.

The concept of influential American designer Stephen Burks, whose work frequently touches on the meaning of handicraft and the humanity of those who create it, the collection began as an exploration into abstract figurative design. Invited to exhibit a special project in South Africa, Burks developed THE OTHERS as a response to the misinterpretation of “places less known and their peoples.”

According to the designer, a frequent DEDON collaborator and the winner of his own country’s prestigious National Design Award, “I imagined a colourful community of dreamers, full of personality, gazing back at the rest of the world with ambition, sophistication and pride. They appeared to me almost like ambassadors or guides into our imagination.”

DEDON, which has partnered with Burks on such original, award-winning collections as DALA and AHNDA, was so inspired by the one-off project that it proposed to put THE OTHERS into production, using the company’s international platform to introduce it to a global audience. “My relationship with DEDON allows me the freedom to explore ideas outside of traditional briefs,” Burks explain, “and this is what I think makes the company so iconic.”


DEDON Jean-Marie Massaud SEAX Armchair & Dining Table

Armchair and Dining Table

Jean-Marie Massaud

In developing SEAX, Massaud took inspiration from the sleek racing yachts of the America’s cup. “I love that their visual language is functional but also naturally elegant,” he says, “appropriate to the boat’s purpose of gliding without resistance.” With the folding chairs, Massaud sought to highlight their “quality, appropriateness and timelessness” while hiding their sophisticated folding mechanism.

Precision-engineered to lock into place, SEAX’s lightweight yet sturdy aluminium frames close with ease at the press of a button. The chairs are distinguished by beautiful stainless-steel detailing, a special powder coating to resist scuffs, and a swivelling back for extra comfort. Armrests are covered in richly-hued, teak-finished marine plywood for added visual and tactile warmth.

In keeping with the elegant minimalism of the chairs, Massaud has created a selection of streamlined SEAX dining tables in a versatile range of sizes. The tables feature a sleek aluminium base, slanted legs and a choice of table-tops. One top is made of premium slow-growth teak. The other consists of a single, self-supporting slab of industrial-strength porcelain, extruded and compacted especially for DEDON.

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