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Presenting at Denfair 2018

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Erased Heritage

Cadrys Jan Kath Polonaise


Jan Kath for Cadrys

Jan Kath is changing the language of how we design, produce and reinterpret handwoven rugs. Jan is somewhat of paradox. While he can be described as a design rebel, he has one foot firmly held in traditional values and the other making leaps forward in originality and creativity, playing with colour, texture and pattern like no other.

Now producing rugs for luxury hotels , haute courtier designer showrooms, VIP lounges and royal weddings, his clientele are the international who’s who of the fashion and design world, all of whom stand guard to his artistic creativity.

Bob Cadry was one of the early guard to recognise his talent and commitment to both quality and artistic expression and his long established family business have exclusively represented him in Australia for over 10 years.

During this time together they have created and supplied exquisite bespoke examples for many distinguished designers and clients both locally and internationally.

Cadrys are excited to be exhibiting Jan’s latest Erased Heritage collection at Denfair Melbourne in 2018.

Walter G

Cadrys Walter G Bungles


Walter G for Cadrys

Walter G is Genevieve Hewson and Lauren Emerson – two best friends who met in Year 7 in Sydney’s North.

Lauren travelled to India to do an internship as part of her degree, and Gen went to visit several times. They completely fell in love with it – and the idea that they could start a textile company was born. They promptly moved to India for 6 months and immersed themselves, learning everything about indigo and block printing techniques.

Upon returning to Australia, sadly both of their grandfathers Walter and George passed at a similar time. Walter G is named in their honour – and the business was officially launched at Life Instyle in 2012.

They describe their brand as lived-in, imperfect, timeless, relaxed, & artisanal. All designs are their own creation, developed hands-on with a team of Indian artisans & completely hand-blocked.

Sharing a common interest in old textiles, weaving and tradition values it was only a matter of time before their roads would cross with that of the Cadrys whose appreciation, integrity and knowledge would underscore the creative energy of this collaboration. The opportunity of working together with the youngest rug addict of the Cadry clan Jared, whose own passion for design and authentic interpretation has resulted in the creation of an original collection of hand knotted rugs produced in Nepal at the Cadrys looms.

Utilising the highest quality materials of Tibetan hand spun wool, silk the rugs impart a refined relaxed and highly layered appearance unlike anything.

Aleph Collection

Cadrys Lila Valadan Aleph Collection

Aleph Collection

Lila Valadan

Lila Valadan who designs the wonderful Aleph Collection. Lila has dedicated her life to working with Nomads of old Persia who create beauty in weaving that science fails to explain. Myths and stories are worked into the pieces and are preserved over generations. Most themes stem from pre-Islamic times, but they convey similarities to the works of the impressionistic art from Europe.

Tammy Kanat

Cadrys Tammy Kanat Mirror


Tammy Kanat for Cadrys

Emotive and artistic themes are at the heart of Tammy’s creations. The exciting Melbourne weaver has collaborated with Cadrys to produce her second collection of truly unique and modern rugs, which reinterprets her original style of tapestry weaving into the medium of hand knotted rugs.

Each rug displays beautifully composed assortments of asymmetrical naive patterns, organic textures and vivid uplifting tones. The transposition of her work into the medium of hand knotted rugs has resulted in a collection that sits comfortably in both casual, informal settings and sophisticated environments.

All our handmade rugs are certified by GoodWeave® which ensures no child labour is used in our production and that fair and ethical working conditions are maintained

Paul Bangay Outdoor

Cadrys Paul Bangay

Paul Bangay

Paul Bangay for Cadrys

For 25 years Paul Bangay has fulfilled his discerning clients’ aspirations for creating gardens that are expressive of the timeless elegance and classic simplicity for which he is internationally renowned.

Bangay holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Horticulture) from the University of Melbourne. In 1994 he was granted a Melbourne Arts Centre travelling scholarship to further his study of landscape design in Europe and the Americas. He won the Mobil Pegasus Award for the best contribution to the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts (1989). In 2001 Bangay was awarded the Centenary Medal for his contribution to public design projects and most recently in 2018 awarded an OAM.

Bangay’s distinctive approach has been featured in countless publications, and he is a sought-after guest on gardening and lifestyle programs. His personal insights have informed a successful series of lavish and widely anticipated books, beginning with The Defined Garden (1996) and most recently ‘The Garden At Stonefields’ (2013).

His unmistakable style, eye for detail and love of the Australian outdoors have been the inspiration for a fabulous new collection of UV stabilised rugs suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The collection was made in collaboration with leading rug doyens the Cadry family and will be officially launched at Denfair in Melbourne this year.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR.