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Amigos de Hoy

Amigos de Hoy - Odetta Rug

Odetta Rug

Amigos de Hoy

Meet the Odetta rug, it’s a little bit of glam meets gritty, with its earthy base tone mixed with pops of gold lurex.

Amigos de Hoy - Totem Rug Cream

Totem Rug - Cream

Amigos de Hoy

Diamonds and crosses, totems and talismans. The Totem rug is elevated boho at it’s best!

Art Hide

Art Hide - Angulo Rug Green

Angulo Rug - Green

Art Hide

Transform your interiors from the floor up with a lovely new update from one of Art Hide’s best sellers. With tonal greens and greys, the Angulo’s seasonal update fits well in both neutral and vibrant interiors, while taking your breath away every time you see it!

Art Hide - Trilogia Rug Midnight Blue

Trilogia Rug - Midnight Blue

Art Hide

The popular Trilogia rug is back with its seasonal update, this time in a deliciously moody inky blue tone. The combination of this dramatic jewel tone and the lustrous texture of cowhide will reinvent and refresh your interiors like nothing else!

Art Hide - Faceta Blue

Faceta - Blue

Art Hide

The luxurious Faceta is a sumptuous, elevated statement piece. With its fragmented proportions and tonal, unexpected, irregular shapes, this is covetable style defined.

Disclaimer: Not all products shown on this brand page may be on display at DENFAIR 2018.