Melbourne Exhibitor List 2018

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4 Leaf Clover |stand no. 110


Adesignstudio |stand no. 712
American Hardwood Export Council |stand no. 402
Anaca Studio |stand no. 814
Anaesthetic |stand no. 217
Annette Spinks |stand no. 128
Apparentt |stand no. 812
Arko Furniture |stand no. 1008
Atelier2+ |stand no. 702


B-td |stand no. 811
Basil Bangs |stand no. 420
Bennison Fabrics |stand no. 120
Bisonhome |stand no. 318
Brewhub |stand no. 31


Cadrys |stand no. 504
Camerich |stand no. 418
Cane-line |stand no. 406
Caren Elliss Design |stand no. 313
Castlery |stand no. 210
Casualife |stand no. 314
Coco Flip |stand no. 511
Collaborations |stand no. 606 + 706
Contract Concepts |stand no. 421
Cosh Living |stand no. 510
Cotswold Inout Furniture |stand no. 302
Cubic Products |stand no. 816
Cult |stand no. 602


Dash & Albert |stand no. 209
Décors Barbares |stand no. 120
Dedon |stand no. 510
Design Mode International |stand no. 304
Designer Rugs |stand no. 810
Didier |stand no. 910
District |stand no. 113
Domo |stand no. 604
Dorigine Fine Art Fabrics |stand no. 108


Easygreen Interior |stand no. 207
Elliott Clarke |stand no. 118


Fermob |stand no. 506
Forbo Flooring Systems |stand no. 908
Furnished Forever |stand no. 1107


Galbraith & Paul |stand no. 120
Gohome |stand no. 716
Gorsia Design |stand no. 206


Halcyon Lake |stand no. 804
HartÔ |stand no. 702
Hawthorn Hill |stand no. 404
Hegi Design House |stand no. 318
Hermon Hermon Lighting |stand no. 136
How Group |stand no. 1209
Humanscale |stand no. 914


Ian Lyell Design |stand no. 824
In The Sac |stand no. 205
In-teria |stand no. 414


James Howe |stand no. 811
Joanne Piechota |stand no. 1106
Joseph Giles |stand no. 404


Kawajun |stand no. 219
King Living |stand no. 606+706


Lake August |stand no. 120
Lightspace |stand no. 610
Living Fire |stand no. 1202
Lui |stand no. 221
Luxxbox |stand no. 513


Marmo |stand no. 610
Materialised |stand no. 211
Milligram Studio |stand no. 219
Modko Commercial |stand no. 1113


Nancy Ji |stand no. 134
Nau |stand no. 602
Nettex Fabrics |stand no. 112
Nicole Fabre Design |stand no. 120
Nood Co |stand no. 126
Nsw Leather Co. |stand no. 103


Object Carpet 'rugxstyle' |stand no. 513
Oblica |stand no. 312
Obodo |stand no. 718
Oxford Grilles |stand no. 404


Parterre |stand no. 502
Pbj Designhouse |stand no. 702
Peggie |stand no. 822
Perrin & Rowe |stand no. 404
Polyflor Australia |stand no. 1004
Pop Plus |stand no. 910
Potocco |stand no. 510


Raffles Textiles |stand no. 205
Reddie Furniture |stand no. 817
Robert Gordon Australia |stand no. 202
Ross Thompson Furniture |stand no. 214
Rug Star |stand no. 513


Sagitine |stand no. 416
Satara |stand no. 906
Seeho Su |stand no. 1211
Signature Floors |stand no. 710
Spark & Burnish Hardware |stand no. 815
Steelcase |stand no. 916
Stoke Fireplace |stand no. 902
Studio Elwood |stand no. 720
Sussex Taps |stand no. 714


Tait |stand no. 612
Tcw |stand no. 912
Technogym |stand no. 904
The Flooring Co. |stand no. 513
The Raconteur |stand no. 316
The Water Monopoly |stand no. 404
The Wood Room |stand no. 704
Tribu |stand no. 510


Veneto Group |stand no. 1108
Vincent |stand no. 819
Vuue |stand no. 820


Wood Melbourne |stand no. 1111
Wortley Group |stand no. 104


Zaha Hadid Design |stand no. 410
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Please note the current exhibitor list may not represent the final exhibitor list.