Melbourne Exhibitor List 2018

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Alchemy Produx |stand no. 203
Ali Mcnabney-stevens |stand no. G2
Altamira |stand no. 210
Amelda Read-forsythe |stand no. G17
Anaca Studio |stand no. 1213
Andreu World |stand no. 710
Antoinette Ferwerda |stand no. G4
Apparentt |stand no. 812
Arko Furniture |stand no. 1010
Armadillo & Co |stand no. 604
Artafacts |stand no. G16
Austex Fabrics |stand no. T1
Axona Aichi |stand no. 810


Barry Tate |stand no. G21
Beeline Design |stand no. 317
Bloomingdales Lighting |stand no. 1206
Brewhub |stand no. 217
Bunny Williams Rugs |stand no. T8


Cadrys |stand no. 504
Cadrys Contract |stand no. 504
Calma |stand no. 309
Cane-line |stand no. 911
Capra Designs |stand no. 321
Casey Freeman Art |stand no. G1
Casualife |stand no. 309
Chris Connell Design |stand no. 813
Chrysa Koukoura |stand no. G18
Coca Mojo |stand no. T3
Coco Republic |stand no. 612
Colby |stand no. T15
Collaborations |stand no. 508
Copper |stand no. 818
Cotswold Inout Furniture |stand no. 306
Cube And Circle |stand no. 716
Cult |stand no. 606
Cultiver |stand no. 205
Curious Grace |stand no. 1004


Dash & Albert |stand no. T8
David Pidcock Design |stand no. 109
David Trubridge |stand no. 310
De Mobler |stand no. 917
Dean Norton |stand no. 820
Dedon |stand no. 704
Dena Ashbolt |stand no. G17
Design Mode International |stand no. 304
Designbythem |stand no. 904
Designer Rugs |stand no. 101
District |stand no. 113
Dome By Heatsail |stand no. 509
Dorigine Fine Art Fabrics |stand no. 212


Easygreen Interior |stand no. 120
Elliott Clarke |stand no. T7
Established & Sons |stand no. 602
Expormim |stand no. 710


Fermob |stand no. 506
Figgoscope Curates |stand no. 407
Fink Lighting |stand no. 817
Floc Studio |stand no. 1118
Fomu |stand no. 323
Fox Galleries |stand no. G21


Halcyon Lake |stand no. 806
Helen Smith |stand no. G17
Hepburn Hardware |stand no. 114
Hides Of Excellence |stand no. T9
Houe |stand no. 404
How Group |stand no. 802


Ian Sanderson |stand no. T15
Idle Hands |stand no. 218
In Bed |stand no. 103
Ism Objects |stand no. 1012
Ivy Muse |stand no. 104


James Hare Fabrics |stand no. T15
James Howe |stand no. 315
Janus Et Cie |stand no. 512
Jenny Jones Rugs |stand no. 303
Jerry Pair Leathers |stand no. 204
Justin Hermes |stand no. 511


Kawajun |stand no. 211
Ke-zu |stand no. 710 & 810
Kerrie Brown |stand no. T13
Kerry Armstrong |stand no. G6
Kfive+kinnarps |stand no. 122
Khi-lee Thorpe |stand no. G21
King Living |stand no. 508
Købn |stand no. 325
Kriskadecor |stand no. 106


Laal™ |stand no. 809
Lifespacejourney |stand no. 1112
Light/dark Design |stand no. 811
Linda Oy Ho |stand no. G17
Living Edge |stand no. 602
Living Fire |stand no. 1204
Lost Profile |stand no. 412
Lui |stand no. 111
Lumas |stand no. G15
Lumil |stand no. 908
Luna Gallery |stand no. 224
Luna Home |stand no. 224
Luna Lounge |stand no. 224
Luxxbox |stand no. 513


Made By Michael |stand no. 213
Maker&son |stand no. 1106
Mamagreen |stand no. 406
Manapan Furniture |stand no. 105
Mark Dustin |stand no. G21
Marmo |stand no. 418
Materialised |stand no. T5
Matthew Portch |stand no. G20
Merryn Trevethan |stand no. G21
Metro Gallery |stand no. G3
Miss Glass Home |stand no. 107
Modern Times |stand no. G14
Molmic |stand no. 608
Montana |stand no. 706
Mosswall® |stand no. 110
Muuto |stand no. 602


Nau |stand no. 606
Navi By Centre |stand no. 702
New Volumes C/o Artedomus |stand no. 808
Nicholas Fuller |stand no. 722
Nicholls Design |stand no. 102
Nick Leary Art Collection |stand no. G13
Nicola Cerini |stand no. 226
Ninnho |stand no. G4
Nood Co |stand no. 108
Nsw Leather Co. |stand no. T9


Oblica |stand no. 312
Obodo |stand no. 718
One Fine Print |stand no. G10


Parachilna |stand no. 710
Parterre |stand no. 402
Peggie |stand no. 822
Pelle Leathers |stand no. T16
Plyroom |stand no. 410
Pony Rider |stand no. 112


Rakumba |stand no. 408
Rd By Ross Didier |stand no. 910
Reddie Furniture |stand no. 318
Redfox & Wilcox |stand no. 1110
Remodern |stand no. 712
Rhys Cooper |stand no. 814


Safari Living |stand no. 116
Sammode Studio |stand no. 1114
Sancal |stand no. 710
Santa Barbara Umbrellas |stand no. 204
Satara |stand no. 906
Satelight |stand no. 720
Savage Design |stand no. 714
Schiavello |stand no. 414 & 1215
Serge Ferrari |stand no. T17
Shibori |stand no. T11
Skargaarden |stand no. 302
Sly |stand no. 207
Spacecraft Studio |stand no. 230
Spark & Burnish Hardware |stand no. 215
Spence & Lyda |stand no. 1006
Steelotto |stand no. 322
Strada |stand no. 512
Studio Elwood |stand no. G8
Studio Gallery Melbourne |stand no. G7
Studio Stefan Gevers |stand no. 209


T-bac |stand no. 1211
Tait |stand no. 216
These Walls |stand no. T18
Tiles Of Ezra |stand no. 220
Tim Webber Design |stand no. 902
Tom Adair |stand no. G19


Unios |stand no. 314


Varaschin |stand no. 309
Victor Rubin |stand no. G21
Vincent |stand no. 824
Virginia Cummins |stand no. G17
Visual Comfort & Co. |stand no. 1206
Volker Haug Studio |stand no. 816


Walter G |stand no. 214
Westbury Textiles |stand no. T12
White Verandah |stand no. 204
Wind |stand no. T15
Winspear |stand no. 912
Wintons Teak |stand no. 222


Yellow Diva |stand no. 1116


Zenith |stand no. 913
Zephyr |stand no. 512
Zuster |stand no. 502
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Please note the current exhibitor list may not represent the final exhibitor list.