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DENFAIR is Australia’s leading destination for contemporary design for professional designers, architects, interior stylists and design-lovers. Our curated design event, refined over four years and held annually in Melbourne, has become the connection point where today hundreds of local and international brands come together in their passion for design to utilise DENFAIR as a platform for business growth and opportunity. DENFAIR EVENTS are more than just an industry event,

they’re a holistic approach that engages and supports an industry that touches people everyday. DENFAIR not only allows our community to come together and connect in person at events and on a central online platform, CONNECT, but also allows us to give back to the design community through FOR DESIGN. To us DENFAIR is more than a gateway to contemporary brands and products, it is also a platform to opportunities, projects, stories, and reflections on everything design.


Through CONNECT, members of Australian and international design communities are able to interact with designers, makers and providers. Our central online platform acts as a connection point to an ever-expanding source of high-calibre brands, products and services as well as design related stories, reflections and inspiration.

DENFAIR EVENTS Anaesthetic Stand 2017

Where everything we do at DENFAIR comes
together. EVENTS work closely with designers,
brands and exhibitors to support and create cutting-edge environments. Where contemporary design can flourish and for design lovers and enthusiasts to discover, connect and unite directly with the products and designs they love.


FOR DESIGN is our opportunity to give back to the design community, a place where we encourage better design choices. Our advocacy for responsible design begins with educating and demonstrating to a broader audience the value of good design and how better choices at a local level can have a global impact.

Sharyn Cairns DENFAIR Publication

The Manifesto

At DENFAIR we love design. It exists in every part of our lives. Some say the best design goes unnoticed and others say you can’t help but notice it. We believe that the best design can be both, but more importantly it can inspire greatness, change thinking and improve our lives.

We believe that through support and advocacy, we can generate and educate a broader audience to the true value of good design and how it can make a difference in our rapidly changing environment. At DENFAIR, we want people to experience the difference that good design choices can make to their lives, their homes, our cities and the planet. The people we work with share these aspirations. They are thinkers, makers and doers.

They are creative tastemakers, risk takers, rule breakers and love makers. They create more than products and objects. They create moments and memories with great consideration to the purpose and meaning that connect with us culturally and emotionally.

We share the beliefs, values and visions of these brilliant designers, and as such, provide opportunities to connect their products with the industry and with the people, giving them a chance to be seen, heard and understood.

We wanted you to experience the best of what we’ve found and hope you too, see what we see and feel what we feel. We believe that to Make a Difference, you need to Know The Difference.