Dynaudio Music 7 | Dynaudio range by BusiSoft AV | Photography: BusiSoft AV
Silen Space 1 by TCW| Photography: TCW
Globe Tree | Peter Opsvik - HowGroup |
Photography: HowGroup
DS1400 gas fireplace| Escea Design Team | Stoke Fireplace Studio Melbourne| Photography: Stoke Fireplace Studio Melbourne

Tech Innovation Meets Design

As a living snapshot of the progressive industry that we support, DENFAIR works proactively with our exhibitor community to showcase work which represents true innovation, year after year. Amid the array of finely crafted furniture on the show floor are diverse solutions and tech-led designs developed to optimise our experience of the places we inhabit.

Much design and research goes into perfecting the unseen elements of space, the crucial experiential qualities of our built environment that are sometimes overlooked. One such product, Busisoft AV’s Dynaudio Music 7, works by using advanced digital signal processing (DSP) to sense where it’s placed, what the ambient volume is, and adapts its playback accordingly. Supporting their AV offering, the Clic system, developed in Denmark and distributed by Busisoft, crafts a streamlined housing for audiovisual products. In the words of its creator, Mike Fabricus, “Most sound systems are created to please your ears and not your eyes. And those pleasing your eye have often ignored your ears. Clic originated from the idea of creating a luxurious piece of furniture in high quality that hides what needs to be hidden and presents music and sound with a clear sense of style.”

Even something as elemental as fire has evolved for the digital age. Stoke Fireplaces’ Escea DS1400 Gas Fireplace is one of many in their range that can be managed remotely, through the Escea Smart Heat app, via any internet-enabled device.

Of course in Melbourne, productivity is powered by caffeine. Making their exhibition debut in 2019, BrewHub demonstrated the seamless functionality of TopBrewer by Scanomat. Its stainless steel tap can be programmed to dispense coffee, hot, chilled or sparkling water, juices and hot chocolate from one unit, which can be fitted to most any surface. Scaling upwards into a modular solution, Maas & Co’s Bar Espresso, designed by Jeff Maas, appears as a standalone station complete with integrated coffee brewer and refrigeration.

Like us, technology works hardest in the office. DENFAIR’s 2019 launch of a dedicated precinct for workspace brands featured an abundance of smart solutions developed to complement our working lives.

Creating workplace furniture for a mobile workforce ultimately means finding ways to move with the end user. Steelcase addresses the need for adaptable workstations with their Rise App, which connects to any compatible desk through Bluetooth, and enables users to save their desk height preferences. The app also reminds people to move, tracks activity over time, and prompts transitions between sit and stand desk modes, ensuring maximum usage of the adjustable functionality.

Through the Power 300 Video Conference Table, designed by Javier Cuñado, Spanish furniture group Actiu show the influence that multimedia has on contemporary form. Featuring an inbuilt panel which supports the monitor and conceals all necessary AV cables within, the design of the table is driven by the proportions of the screen, intending to create a seamless dialogue between remote workers and those in the office. Howgroup’s Globe Tree, too, is a prime example of furniture catering to the specific physicality of tech, providing a singular customisable perch for laptop users.

In an open plan office, dedicated areas for privacy and focused work can be difficult to find. TCW provides a range of tailored solutions to this issue, with self-contained, office-integrated units like the Telephone Cube 2.0 by Bosse Design, the Smartblock FD by Mikko Sarkkinen, and the ingenious Silenspace. This standalone pod works in tandem with a calendar app, which allows office staff to check booking history, and schedule meeting times directly. Silenspace also enables greater sensitivity to place, by monitoring light and ventilation settings, temperatures and even carbon dioxide indicator, providing total control over the environment.

For a full list of the brands in our exhibitor community, check out the DENFAIR Brand Directory.