Spark & Burnish Hardware

Spark & Burnish is a supplier of prestige, artisan driven cabinet hardware, door hardware, wall fixtures and bathroom fittings for high end residential, hospitality and commercial projects.
We represent international designer brands such as the Tom Kundig Collection, Nest Studio, Krownlab, Bäccman & Berglund Sweden, Buster & Punch, and Armac Martin. We also have a collection of products from Australian brands.

Cotswold InOut Furniture

Cotswold Furniture was founded in 1981 and has been a leader in the furniture industry ever since. Our products, combined with superior knowledge of the industry and a focus on excellent customer service have made us what we are today. Cotswold Furniture services Australia with high quality, durable and unique furniture. In addition to our retail customers we have a long and productive relationship with our commercial clients.

Design Mode International

Apparentt is a Melbourne based design studio developing attractive, innovative furniture and lighting solutions for both residential and commercial interiors. Each Apparentt product is carefully considered, designed with restraint and produced locally using only the highest quality materials, coupled with credible methods of construction.

Pelle Leathers

Pelle Leathers is a leading Australian supplier of premium environmentally accredited upholstery leathers. Our pursuit of excellence in product quality, colour range, suitability for application and environmental certification is at the core of our business. Our commitment to excellence extends to meeting customers’ needs for innovative products and providing the highest standards of customer service backed with honest, reliable advice.

DENFAIR Melbourne 2019

Apply to Exhibit

DENFAIR is a juried event and exhibitors take part either by pre-selection  Invitation or by application. A selection panel comprised of independent industry professionals review applications, so please note that application does not result in automatic inclusion in the event.

Front | Centre 2019

Applications Now Open!

In 2019 DENFAIR is continuing to support emerging designers as it makes DENFAIR accessible as a powerful business platform to designers at the early stages of their career. Applications are now open for the 2019 edition and can be made directly to DENFAIR – see application form below.

All applications and inquiries should be sent to


Creating Connections

DENFAIR is a place where people come together to connect with each other over a common love of original and authentic design. It is a place where we can appreciate innovations in the industry and support those who are changing the way we think about design.

United Front: Why it’s Time to Rethink The Relationship Between Australian Art + Design

In Australia, the art and design worlds might each have their own rituals, traditions and secret language but they’ve always overlapped in compelling ways.

Nancy Ji 2018 Front / Centre winner

Fresh from her win at DENFAIR’s Front/Centre design competition we had an interview with architect and designer Nancy Ji, creator of the Archie table. Nancy joined us via Skype from Japan where she is currently travelling, learning Japanese and doing research for future projects.

DENFAIR Melbourne

DENFAIR Gallery 2018

Browse our Gallery and relive all the highlights from our 2018 Melbourne event. Discover stands, products and all the key moments from DENFAIR’s fourth instalment.

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