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Pitch Acoustics

Pitch will be showcasing a range of privacy booths for work, studio, home & learning environments. New upholstered sound absorbing solutions for walls, ceilings, desks & freestanding screens will also be presented. Pitch provide the solutions to hear clearly, create privacy, focus fully, reduce disturbance and have peace of mind.

Studio Pip

Studio Pip is an Australian-made, quality brand for design-conscious people, passionate about where and how they live.  Using outstanding materials and stylish designs, Studio Pip is proudly Australian owned, designed and made.

Designed initially for residential, the product has also been used in commercial projects.  Studio Pip offers a full range of furniture driven by original design, distinction and choice.


For more than 25 years, Tait has produced authentic, Australian outdoor design which celebrates a life outside. Collaborating with a legion of Australia’s most influential and prominent design talent, including, Adam Goodrum, Justin Hutchinson, Trent Jansen and Adam Cornish; Tait has produced a number of iconic collections, renowned for their originality, functional design and longevity.

Maegan Brown

Maegan Brown is a Melbourne-based photographic artist, dedicated to creating powerful and emotive fine art imagery. Maegan’s work presents remote, dramatic and other-worldly landscapes through minimal and abstract compositions. Experimenting with scale, depth and shape, her work is emotive and emulates a feeling of calm, stillness and solitary.

DENFAIR Melbourne

DENFAIR Gallery 2018

Browse our Gallery and relive all the highlights from our 2018 Melbourne event. Discover stands, products and all the key moments from DENFAIR’s fourth instalment.

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Freedom of Expression

Chance encounters are often how new ideas or new relationships start. Creative thinking is most compelling when it involves fresh eyes, original perspective and a deep gratitude for the creative process.


The Local Project presents, in collaboration with Nina Maya Interiors and ZETR – The Glass House. The Glass House, located in the inner city Sydney suburb of Paddington, is an innovative residential project by Nina Maya Interiors and a number of their favourite material suppliers, including the Sydney based ZETR, founded by Garth Elliott.

Partnership & Integrity

Australians like to pride themselves with a “can-do, give it a go” collaborative attitude. As a nation, we are a collective group of people up for a challenge, striving to be at the forefront of any industry and the furniture...

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