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Tasmanian Timber

Tasmanian Timber is a product of unparalleled beauty. Locally and sustainably grown and harvested, each piece is the result of generations of innovation. This unique and versatile timber is strong, workable and rich in character. Crafted by trusted leaders in the industry, it meets the highest standards in quality and environmental practice.


DesignByThem brings together and represents the talent of Australian designers in a collection that is a playful balance of fun and function. Founded and directed by designers, the company has a design first approach where products are innovative but not forced, have character but remain modest, are useful but also enjoyable and always sensitive to time and the environment.


Parterre is one of Australia’s leading retail destinations, famed for its timeless, modern style that combines French classic garden influences with Australian ease. Parterre is the exclusive Australian representative of premium European brands such as Royal Botania, Domani, Gardeco and Tuuci, favoured by the world’s leading designers. Offering an ever-changing mix of handpicked desirables and premium design.


STEELOTTO is a Melbourne based brand, curating a unique collection of design objects, attempting to bridge the gap between industry and artist. Steelotto strives to diversify Australian design by offering unique aesthetics that embrace radical design movements. Using steel as its defining material, Steelotto takes advantage of the quality of Australian steel and the benefits of local manufacturing.

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Speaker Series 2018

The Speaker Space is home to a series of creative conversations, where the issues, challenges and opportunities of our design industry are discussed, debated and discovered anew. A diverse line-up of local and international, emerging and established speakers give voice to the multitudes of stories and experiences that shape us as a community.

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DENFAIR is a place where people come together to connect with each other over a common love of original and authentic design. It is a place where we can appreciate innovations in the industry and support those who are changing the way we think about design.

Australian Design, Collaboration & Innovation

King Living will launch new designs from their collaboration with designers Charles Wilson and Tom Fereday at Denfair in Melbourne this month. As one of Australia’s most renowned and established furniture designers and manufacturers, King Living are an important part of the local design community...

Fostering the Future of Design

The concept of ‘anything is possible’ has a useful ability to unite ideas and people. This iconic mantra has been synonymous with Schiavello Group, a multi-disciplinary, global organisation since its inception 50 years ago and continues to serve as inspiration to the company, even in contemporary periods.

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