sound lounge

supported by Woven Image

DENFAIR 2016 Designer of the Year winner, Adam Goodrum, is this year directing his conceptual thinking to the Sound Lounge. In partnership with Woven Image, the installation also forms part of Imagination Partners – an ongoing Woven Image brand campaign that has involved collaborations with some of the world’s most exciting designers since its launch back in 2011. Imagination Partners give designers the opportunity to work with an open brief, enabling each designer to exploit existing product in new ways
and test ideas using manufacturing technologies.

adam goodrum working on denfair 2017 sound lounge

Adam’s response to working with Woven Image’s acoustic product EchoPanel – as well as themes around sound, enclosure and transience – marks an exciting interaction with the material as a spatial element and soundscape utilising the latest technology from sound partner, Bang & Olufsen. Standing as an installation inasmuch as a functional setting, the lightness of form and repetition of elements endeavors to create a visual representation of sound enhanced by lighting partner Rakumba.

adam goodrum working on denfair 2017 sound lounge