smeg dose cafe

connection to the source

The Dose Cafe by Smeg is all about connection to source – capturing the rich heritage of the Bertazzoni family and a tradition of leadership in design, craftsmanship and technological innovation. Showcasing the new Dolce stil Novo range, and inspired by CEO Vittorio Bertazzoni’s love of outdoors.


The Smeg activation is about the culture, the natural beauty, the local produce – and capturing this feeling. Wine and cheese – and great Italian tradition – is at the heart of the activation, where visitors will have the opportunity to interact via taste, smell and the memories of pleasure they evoke with local Italian wine and Parmesan cheese – an experience associated to the style and pleasure of both Smeg and the new Dolce stil Novo range.


The Smeg bar and accompanying cafe is a celebration of nature with ‘framed’ flora arrangements offset by clean, architectural edges and a dark, sleek palette with copper highlight. The space itself takes its cues from Lake Como culture, with changes in flooring for a heightened sense of arrival and tailor made low railing to define the space separating people into observer and the observed. The Cafe provides visitors with fresh, Italian inspired salads and sandwiches (Panini) as well as coffee and pastries and will be furnished with James Richardson range of Nolita chairs and Waverley and Ikon tables.