Dulux DIAlogue on Tour 2017 // highlights from the night

Dulux DIAlogue on Tour is an inspirational expedition, exclusive to DIA and DINZ members across Australia and New Zealand, which gives five design professionals the opportunity to travel to London and Stockholm for an enlightening education from European and Scandinavian design talent.
The five Dulux DIAlogue on Tour winners are Miriam Fanning, Adele Winteridge, Ben Edwards, Melissa Reid and Rufus Knight. Last night, we attended  the Melbourne event, hosted at the beautiful Own World Showroom and presented by the DIA , Miriam Faning (Mim design) and Adele Winteridge (Foolscap studio). From what was a very captivating presentation that made us want to go to Stockholm asap, we thought we could share some of our highlights from their tour.



“Swedish design was born out of a desire to create something simple and beautiful ”  said Mim.ETT-HEM--SIMPLICITY


“I noticed that the landscape in Stockholm was not littered with signs and canopies . Ett Hem for example reflects the simplicity of Swedish design and their commitment to dedicating time to builds, the hotel took over 10 years to complete” said Mim. SWEDISH-DESIGNERS--COLLABORATING“In Sweden we noticed that between studios and designers there was a level of respect not normally seen among competing design studios. We also noticed that nearly all studios had workshops attached, reflecting the designer maker nature of the industry in Sweden. This approach nurtured a wholistic approach to the design process” said Mim.


“We were amazed to see how the designers we met are all in competition but actually help and share ideas with each other” said Adele.
LONDONACE-HOTEL--UNIVERSAL-DESIGN-STUDIO2-ACE-IMAGES“We had such a great opportunity to stay at the Ace Hotel in London and meeting the next day with Universal Design Studio who designed it and understand the design process behind the completion of the hotel” said Mim.
The team also visited the studio of lighting designer Jason Bruges – “Jason is an artist, lighting designer and really a genius. All his work is so interactive and artistic” said Adele. Panda eyes for example was created using 100 panda money boxes which follow visitors as they move around the installation.

 BRODIE-NEILL---ME-LONDON“We were lucky enough to visit an installation at the ME Hotel in London and were so proud of the fact that it belonged to Australian Brodie Neill” said Mim.

” We saw a difference between design in London and design in Sweden as being architecture for commerce vs architecture for love” said Mim.