DENFAIR is a juried event by invitation only as a pre-selection requirement. An independent Industry selection panel will review all other applications.

Selection criteria are based on:
– design authenticity
– design originality
– quality of manufacture
– branding (inc. online representation)
– product sustainability
– craftsmanship
– marketability

Successful applicants will be represented in the following categories:
– furniture
– lighting
– textile and soft furnishings
– object design
– designer homewares
– artwork

DENFAIR 2018 [Application to Exhibit for New Exhibitors]

  • Please note that DENFAIR is a juried event and all applications will be submitted for review to our selection panel. All applicants must understand that their application does not guarantee inclusion in the event.
  • 2018 DENFAIR Terms & Conditions
    If you do not agree or do not understand any of the conditions, contact us on +61 3 9509 5417. You will be unable to proceed with your booking if you do not accept the Terms and Conditions.

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  • Please provide information on the brand; designer, country of origin, place of manufacture.
  • Please state your stand requirements in square meters, noting that the minimum is 9 sqm (3x3m stand).
  • NB: DENFAIR has an open plan layout. We do not permit side walls above the height of 1.5m. Do you understand and agree to abide to this compulsory height restriction?
  • Please specify
  • Please write the name of firms, companies or retailers. Please note that DENFAIR management will target all collected key visitor names but can not guarantee their attendance.

    Please note that once you click on SUBMIT, images may take a minute to be uploaded. We advise that you wait until the confirmation message appears. Thank you

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