More like a family than work colleagues, the team behind DENFAIR is multidisciplinary,
multi-tasking and struggle to get through a sentence without banter.

Our background in interior, industrial, graphic and communication design has allowed us to
understand the needs and purpose of the industry and contributed to the creation of a unique platform
for the commerce of design.

At the centre of all creative strategy is the ‘crafted experience’ where ideas are generated in-house and
implemented as a series of installations across the show floor to create an
inspiring design-driven environment.

A sensitive beast, DENFAIR is responsive to the needs and desires of a changing industry marking a
new era in trade events where environment is paramount and content is without compromise.
We love design, we live design and we operate at the dynamic cross point of creativity and commerce.
Thibaud Caucecile Denfair

thibaud cau-cecile

co-founder, sales/marketing communication, finance, french connection.

Claudio Oyarce Denfair

claudio oyarce

co-founder, art director, graphic design, sales/networking, playlist guru.

Damian Gentile Denfair

damian gentile

associate, event design, exhibitor relations,  event set-up genius

Ariana Callejas Denfair

ariana callejas

graphic designer, marketing, customer relations, costa rican touch.