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Montana stems from a need for individuality and self-expression, offering one of the most comprehensive storage systems comprising of 36 modules, 4 depths and 42 colours. The system, designed by Peter J. Lassen in 1982, is strongly rooted in the Danish design traditions, well-known worldwide for its understated elegance, simplicity and timelessness. Montana is represented exclusively in Australia by Cult Design.


Zenith provides innovative furniture solutions for all corporate and commercial environments in Asia Pacific. By utilising new and innovative ways to engage their employees, Zenith create spaces using products that are functional, appealing and forward thinking..


KE-ZU supplies furniture that makes people feel good. Holding exclusive representation of a select and diverse portfolio of highly innovative local and international manufacturers, KE-ZU deliver an extensive range of high quality residential and contract furniture and lighting, complementary to the way people work and live.



Through CONNECT, members of Australian and international design communities are able to interact with designers, makers and providers. Our central online platform acts as an connection point to an ever-expanding source of high-calibre brands, products and services as well as design related stories, reflections, inspiration and education.

DENFAIR EVENTS Anaesthetic Stand 2017

Where everything we do at DENFAIR comes together. EVENTS work closely with designers, brands and exhibitors to support and a create cutting-edge environments for contemporary design to flourish and for design lovers and enthusiasts to discover, connect and unite directly with the products and designs they love.


FOR DESIGN is our opportunity to give back to the design community, a place where we encourage better design choices. Our advocacy for responsible design begins with educating and demonstrating to a broader audience the value of good design and how better choices at a local level can have a global impact.

DENFAIR Design Loop x Melbourne Design Week 2018

DENFAIR Design Loop


Melbourne Design Week marks the first event on the DENFAIR calendar. DENFAIR brings your a new kind of design tour which engages with a variety of designers and showrooms following the theme ‘ Celebration of Material’. Share in our passion for design, by taking our tour and discovering new ways to appreciate and educate the design process and rationale.

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Speaker Series Profile - Ruder Novak-Mikulic  

Ruder Novak - Mikulic is invited by  Artisan/Ducksnest  to take part to the  DENFAIR Speaker Program. Ruder Novak-Mikulic is the co-founder and art director of  Regular company  an award winning multidisciplinary design consultancy.

Know the Difference - A Reflection by Marcus Piper

As designers, every mark we make represents the responsibility we hold for ourselves, our industry and to the future. It is something I refer to as a cultural legacy because nothing goes unseen and in today’s highly visualised, digital world where the influence of every image carries weight.

United Front: Why it’s Time to Rethink The Relationship Between Australian Art + Design

In Australia, the art and design worlds might each have their own rituals, traditions and secret language but they’ve always overlapped in compelling ways.

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