During the DENFAIR DESIGN LOOP Get the chance to win a limited edition INDEPENDENT FAB Fridge from SMEG. A Limited to 50 edition in Australia
“Not just any fridge, Not the usual jeans”

DENFAIR Design Loop

Melbourne Design Week 2018

Melbourne Design Week marks the first event on the DENFAIR calendar. DENFAIR brings your a new kind of design tour which engages with a variety of designers and showrooms following the theme ‘ Celebration of Material’. Share in our passion for design, by taking our tour and discovering new ways to appreciate and educate the design process and rationale.

Latest Brands


WOUD are a Danish design brand with a drive for creating new originals.  Each of their designs are handpicked to ensure that it shares and strengthens WOUD’s vision of creating timeless design where every product has a meaning, a purpose and a function.  WOUD collaborates with upcoming talents and established designers worldwide.  Each of the designers has individual expression, but all with a coherent modern interpretation of the Scandinavian design heritage.


Marmo is a bold, playful and contemporary original design brand that features a number of furniture and lifestyle products for the residential and hospitality market. Marmo’s creative direction is led by head designer Lodovico Bernardi from Italy. At Marmo, we believe in creating bold spaces.

LIMITED Contemporary Editions

LIMITED Contemporary Editions is a Sydney based print studio presenting exceptional quality, archival limited edition reproduction prints from a collection of Australia’s most celebrated artists including John Olsen, Stephen Ormandy, Julian Meagher, Matthew Johnson, Martine Emdur, Giles Alexander and Alan Jones. We are continuously working with new artists to present a dynamic selection of contemporary artworks.


DENFAIR Melbourne
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16 June 2018

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Through CONNECT, members of Australian and international design communities are able to interact with designers, makers and providers. Our central online platform acts as an connection point to an ever-expanding source of high-calibre brands, products and services as well as design related stories, reflections, inspiration and education.

DENFAIR EVENTS Anaesthetic Stand 2017

Where everything we do at DENFAIR comes together. EVENTS work closely with designers, brands and exhibitors to support and a create cutting-edge environments for contemporary design to flourish and for design lovers and enthusiasts to discover, connect and unite directly with the products and designs they love.


FOR DESIGN is our opportunity to give back to the design community, a place where we encourage better design choices. Our advocacy for responsible design begins with educating and demonstrating to a broader audience the value of good design and how better choices at a local level can have a global impact.

Latest Stories

2017 Speaker Series - Mindful Design

More than a passing trend, mindfulness permeates many facets of life. We hear it spoken about it in yoga and meditation, of course; but also within conversations about sport, business, relationships and even finance. Creativity is no exception.

Uncommon Beauty

Some designers add a great dose of fearless innovation, committed to a tradition of quality by keeping products fresh and unique within their current landscape. In our recent interview with Melbourne based designer, Oliver Wilcox, we learnt it hasn’t come without its challenges.

Wander back to 13th Century Italy - A contemporary approach by SMEG

Inspiration is a mysterious beast. For some, it comes effortlessly and often. For others, it hides timid and reticent, demanding gentle coaxing before it will consider informing a work of art, a song, a poem, a design.

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2017 DENFAIR Partners

DENFAIR Partners are integral to realising our mission. Every year, at every event, the quality of vision and standard of execution is raised higher by our generous Partners’ contributions.